How To Make Recruitment Agencies Notice You

The number of people who are looking for jobs is increasing every single year. It is the reason why it may be hard for you to be hired despite of how many jobs you applied for and how many interviews you’ve already attended. If this is the case, you must step up and do something that will make recruiters contact you. Remember that if you’re contacted by recruitment agencies, it means that they think you’re one of the perfect candidates for the positions available in different companies. Below are some effective ways that will surely make recruitment agencies notice you.


  • Work for it

Top headhunters in Singapore are looking for candidates and not applicants. It means that they will do a tedious process to filter all the applicants and just retain the ones who are really qualified for the position. If you don’t meet the qualifications that are needed in the job description then don’t expect that you’ll be one of the candidates. You have to make them see on your resumes, portfolios, and your past jobs that you’ll be a great addition to the company.


  • Expose yourself

One of the effective ways to make anyone notice you is to let them know that you exist and you are the one they are looking for. Singapore recruitment agencies use the internet to find people who are the best in what they do. So if you’re a web designer, create your own website and upload a portfolio. Create social media accounts to make other people see what you do best. If the recruiters see your works and they are impressed, you will surely be included in their list of candidates. They may contact you and offer jobs from different companies.


  • Know your qualifications

If you really need a job, there might come a time when you’ll be too desperate to find one. You will find hundreds of job vacancies for different positions posted by several companies. But even though this is the situation, it doesn’t mean that you have to apply for all of it. Keep in mind that it is better for you to apply for just one or two if that’s the only job positions that you’re qualified. Don’t apply for jobs that you are not qualified because Singapore recruitment agency will know it and they might think that you’re undecided with what to do with your life because you don’t know which career you should have.


  • Stay professional

Recruiters and headhunters do not only review your resume and invite you for an interview. They also do background checking, which is essential to know if you’re credible, trustworthy, and if you are really professional. No matter how bad you felt after a certain company fired you or one doesn’t hire you after an interview, never ruin their name or brand by posting bad about them on the internet. You may get sympathy from your friends and families but once the recruiters found out that you are unprofessional, they will not include you on their candidates’ list. Keep in mind that recruiters don’t only review your resume but most of them are also reviewing your social media accounts and whatever you post on the internet.


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