How to Grow Your Business in This Digital Age

The implementation of a digital business strategy is very crucial for every company. This method cannot be done easily, but with the aid of automation, its transformation to a digital enterprise will be possible.


With the connection of technological innovation to the different worlds of physical and virtual reality, today’s businesses indeed need to be a digital enterprise. If you’ll be able to successfully create an effective strategy for your product or services that influences technology in all its aspects, it can result in new business models and end-user experiences. To become a digital enterprise, come up with a business plan not just for a one-time event success, but for a continuous process of transformation, digitization, and re-transformation.


Adapting to change, like from doing traditional business to the modern way which is digitization, introduces a lot of business risks that need to be effectively managed, particularly information technology or IT risk management. Artificial intelligence and automation solutions together with improved strategies can help not just manage this issue, but also accelerate innovation on a continuous basis.


  • Understand critical business processes

Before you implement any transformation or changes, it’s important that you clearly understand the business applications and the current processes of the enterprise that make them work. Once you’re done, maximize the use of business automation process. This will help create company related documents be accurate and updated in real-time.


  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze and optimize

When you capture the end-user interactions with your enterprise applications, it can show a lot of information regarding how business is conducted. The techniques of artificial intelligence can then be used as a collected data wherein you can easily look for problems, patterns and failures. Such information can help the automated system to fix something that is broken or to identify areas where attention should be focused to add more business value.


Doing so will help you draw and focus your attention to the most important aspects of running the processes of your company. For example, you may want to know where end users have performance problems or where failures occur most often. With AI and IT service management, you’ll be able to analyse how to optimize the various aspects of the company’s processes.


  • Automate early and often

In reality, employees don’t have all the time to document business processes by testing them manually or by hand, particular when changes are created every day or several times a day. The use of automated business process testing software as part of IT management is probably the only way to make sure that business processes spanning complex enterprise applications work as designed. In here, you must not just pay attention to the certain enterprise application, but on the entire process of the business.


  • Create a Center of Excellence (COE)

To be a successful digital enterprise and to accelerate your innovation projects, you need to have a tested methodology and tools for automation to ensure its high quality. In addition, you must also have an authorized team with a budget to make it work. And the COE will become the main focus for developing and maintaining your business competency in these important areas.


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