What is Hot Desking?

For any regular employee in the world, we follow a certain routine and schedule. We have fixed schedules, we clock in at 8 am and we clock out at 5 am. We have colleagues that we get to see on a regular basis except during weekends and we really get familiar with them to the point that we know every aspect of their lives even to minutest  detail like the name of their pet. But what if in an instant we suddenly walk to a different office with unfamiliar faces and not sitting on our desk that would have your family picture and a random person would welcome you.


With the increasing number of workforce that we have nowadays, especially in cities like Singapore where the rent of an office space is very costly, there is a new trend that they call hotdesk!  So what exactly is hotdesk office space? It is a work space sharing model in which employees outnumber the desks thus the term coworking space since you get to share one desk with random people that you do not even know. So instead of each employee having a permanent table and chair, some of them are removed to make space for something more important like a meeting room. Another aspect of a hotdesk is that they have a computer and workers log in to what they call a virtual desktop. According to some experts, they say that hotdesking is very cost effective because it can save a lot of money for any company doing it and at the same time their employees have the flexibility of working. As compared to a normal employee who goes in to work thinking of where to park and having a permanent working station, a hot desk employee would normally start his day by checking his app. Their schedule for the day is already loaded in the app and would also give you the location of the building where you would need to do your work. One good thing about it is that, the building also recognizes your vehicle and the app will also to a designated parking area just for you. The app will also help you find a desk once you enter the building based on your preference.


They say that hotdesking can save company expense especially in lessening the cost of office maintenance. It can also help you widen your network because you will be meeting different people with different interests. This can help you broaden your knowledge both professionally and also on a personal note. Another benefit that you can also get is that when you choose a location where all the people in that location are all business and all they care about is finishing their tasks, you tend to be influenced by the energy of the people around you thus resulting to higher productivity. Aside from the flexibility of choosing your own work schedule, you will also have the chance to meet people from another department that you might not be even aware of would exist.


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