For Small Businesses: How to Properly Manage Your IT Operations

One way to have financial freedom is to put up a business of your own. Some studies show that the traditional way of doing business is easier as compared to this generation when people live with technology as part of their lifestyle.


Today, information technology or IT operations management is very important part of every businesses. Most business transactions are now done through the Internet, like via email or online shops. Data about your target market can also be easily identified using different software available online. With this, if you want your company to be successful, don’t hesitate to invest on major vendors of IT management software because they will help you protect your business in general.


You don’t want to be like those firms that lost all their computer operations and data because the files related to the business operations have not been backed up. But in case you are currently in this unfortunate situation, this article presents some helpful information on how you can properly manage your IT operations.


Information Technology or IT Asset Management for Small Businesses


This is a situation of a small successful business firm that has been listed as one of the top popular companies in the publication industry. Receiving this recognition, the entrepreneur behind this achievement thought of taking a vacation with his wife. This idea got postponed because of an emergency situation, the main servers of the company have crashed. These servers support all the business operations, from manufacturing, purchasing, finance to customer service, everything had failed including email server. There is no backed up data because the in-charge employee left a month ago and his replacement will just start after a week.


Immediate Recommendations:

The owner sought experts advice and here are some of the provided recommendations: meet with the key staff to gather details about what might have happened, and to identify the immediate impacts of the said situation; have a team that specializes in technology, let them examine the company servers to determine if there’s any way of  re-creating or retrieving the data; in the event that the systems and servers become functional again, certain steps should be taken to manage any related risks including the performance review for viruses, keeping the systems off-line from external access, changing passwords on all access points and many more; lastly, have a well created communication plan so that officers-in-charge can immediately take action when things go wrong.


Server Manufacturer’s Response:

Contact the server manufacturer for technical assistance.


For the above case, the technicians were able to find a solution. Fortunately, the servers had been set up to create an automated backup to a separate disk on the server each night. With this, the first step is to identify the time the good data existed and retrieve them for recovery purposes. The data was fine, thus the servers were restored back to that time.


Nobody wants to be in the same situation as the above scenario. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive in taking steps when it comes to the operations of your business, particularly in the IT risk management area.


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