Time to Change your Office Set up

Going to work every day is no joke. They say that you have to work in order to live, but not to live in order to work. Ergo, office time must be an enjoyable one for you not to fill the latter phrase. When you go to work day in and day out, you see the same people and the same set up of office that even when you’re blindfolded, you can identify which one is on the right and which one is on the left. This kind of set up for years of work somehow gives the employee a boring place to work.


That is why as a manager or the one being in charge of your office, you must be open to new ideas. Such as when there are people in your office who are not needed to be there but are needed to be in the field and has a table in the office. One, that table would be vacant if the employee is not around and two, that table can be another space for someone who needs it. A virtual office is one of the newest kind of set up that you can do. It is working out of the office. You can give that certain employee the privilege to work while outside the office, or what we call the fieldwork or the output based. There is no need to worry about his because everything would be monitored.


In Singapore, virtual office is now growing as a business. They utilize it and see the difference as that with prior. With this, they saw that such kind of set up would be a space saving for those who really need the office space. Sometimes the manager is the one who needs this kind of office set up in order for the office to run better. There are times that we need not insist of the traditional set up if the new one is more convenient for everyone in the office. A virtual office is possible in Singapore with the help of a group of people, an organization or an entity which specializes in virtual offices and the like. They make work more fun for both the employee and the employer therefore adding to the light feeling in the job.


There is no need to be in the office if you can do the job outside and even more when your job needs you to be in the field. With this, we must be open to new kinds of ideas as to the setup of the office as well as that of the employees. There is no need to do it abruptly. You can experiment first with one employee or with yourself first before you do it with the whole office. If it makes your work more efficient, then this maybe the best set up for your office. It is indeed a very innovative idea for office set up for it helps save time, effort, and space and at the same time money.


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