Things to Remember before Doing or Improving your Business Signage

Signages are marks of your business, which makes true the saying that “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” It is through your signage that you first advertise the location of your business. It is the trademark that you make your customers or clients remember you for. This is very true especially if you are a starting business and you only have one shot to make your business make known to others. Your signage is your first advertisement. Knowing this, you must therefore make your signage as enticing as you can. Here are ways on how to design or improve, if you have one already, your signage.

  • Name itself should be inviting

A Food Business is different from a Realty Company. Both cannot have the same name. It is the name of the business which will be stuck in the memory of a client. It must not be similar to that which is already existing or it must not be so common that customers would not remember it as the name of the business. It must be unique in the sense that it would properly define your business and would embed in the minds of the customers. Besides, your government might not give you a permit for having the same name as another one, for it would violate Intellectual Property Rights, which is internationally recognized. Singages Singapore shops are knowledgeable on these technical rules of their State.

  • Size of the Signage Matters

The signage size must be appropriate and proportionate to the size of your building. You cannot have a very large signage for a twenty square foot area office. On the other hand, you should not have a five feet signage for a five hundred square meter area basement with a three story high building. The proportion is very important to consider so it would be suitable for the area, just right for a view and not a violation to your State. Singapore signage shops would know what should be and should not be when it comes to sizes which are according to their State’s regulations.

  • Color Combination

When a person closes his eyes and remembers a name of a business, the color and the appearance as a whole comes into mind. That is why the color combination of the signage must also be attractive and soothing to the eyes. For this aspect, you can ask for the advice of an artist who can combine colors in a way that it is not too toxic to the eyes and not to bare not to be noticed. Acrylic signage are often times used nowadays. They come in different colors depending on your choice. Some artists can combine acrylic colors in one plane and others in different planes. Depending on the client’s wish, the artist can modify it to give a better color combination and separation, for that matter.

  • Drawing or Picture is Appropriate

There are pieces of signage which use pictures, animations and other depictions. We have to be careful in choosing one for the business because images may mean different things. There may be violations as well depending on your State’s regulations if there are offensive images on your signage. Also, make sure that you use pictures which are appropriate for your business and are not used by any other businesses. This can be again, a violation of the Intellectual Property Rights.

These are few things that we have to take note before having our signage done. Of course there are personal preferences that we would like to execute but we always have to remember that we do this only once, especially if the trademark is to be registered in your government’s office. You have to make sure that they are perfectly done for your business considering all the factors mentioned.


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