4 Key Important Positions In an IT Service Management Team

In our world today dominated by technological advancement, there are times that we can’t keep up with all the changes that is happening. Currently, The IT industry has emerged as the present and the future of our digital world with the rise of demand for more IT management software and hardware, Phone Application, Electronic Data, E-commerce and more. In this very technical field, there is a method that is focused on making IT as approachable and relatable as possible to its customers. This is what IT Service Management or ITSM is all about.


ITSM pays attention on delivering and providing Information Technology while giving value to its clients and their relationship to them.  It is characterized through a framework to structure IT-related activities that is focused on the customer’s wants, needs and concerns and giving much importance on how to improve their services for the people. However, In order for these deliverables to achieve, a group of people are given the arduous task of fulfilling all the necessary work that needs to be done.

To give us an overview of their primary roles and responsibilities in ensuring us with an excellent customer care, here are the 3 important key positions in an IT Service Management Team.

Service Owner

They are mainly responsible for supervising the overall services of the team with the assurance that everything is delivered with the business requirement on time with giving importance to quality. Their position is also accountable for the identity and content of their portfolio that will be presented to their clients and customers.

In addition, Service Owner has the following responsibilities:

  • Knows every aspects of the service
  • Understands the service from the components to its attributes that consists of performance, availability and security
  • Reports the performance of the service

Service Sponsor

They are the business partners that are into providing the needed resources and budget so that the services will be delivered and the strategic path of the company is set on its mission and vision.

Aside from that, here are their other duties:

  • Responsible for searching and looking for funds and resources to the delivery of service
  • The main signatory for all the transactions that concerns all the services of the company
  • Certifies service stages, expenses, and hazards associated with the service

Service Manager

Just like any other manager, their job is to manage all the deliverables on all the factors that will matters for the services to prosper and grow. Other role under their sleeves is the analysis of all financial and internal client analysis, inventory management, customer relations and cost management presentation.

Service Team

Their work is to support all the service-related task and resolve all the issues that will ensure that everything run smoothly. Customer Representatives, Service Providers, Technical service operator and IT risk management personnel are all part of this team.

Each position on an IT service management team is vital and should not be neglected because their functions are essential for the accomplishment of their work.


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